A walk at "The Big Lake"

I snapped this shot of my husband and daughter while we hunted for rocks along Lake Michigan, just outside of Leeland, MI. Even though the water was cold, I think my daughter would gladly have gone for a swim. She loves waves!


In the breeze

An English Breeze

Up with the sun, the breeze arose,
Across the talking corn she goes,
And smooth she rustles far and wide
Through all the voiceful countryside.

Through all the land her tale she tells;
She spins, she tosses, she compels
The kites, the clouds, the windmill sails
And all the trees in all the dales.

God calls us, and the day prepares
With nimble, gay and gracious airs:
And from Penzance to Maidenhead
The roads last night He watered.

God calls us from inglorious ease,
Forth and to travel with the breeze
While, swift and singing, smooth and strong
She gallops by the fields along.

—Robert Louis Stevenson


Fall Glory

Along "The Lost Pathway" trail in Northern Michigan



I got down on my elbows and knees to get this shot. We were hiking on "The Lost Pathway" in Northern Michigan a month or so ago, and these little guys almost got stepped on before I noticed them. They were just so perfect that I dropped down to grab the shot. I just love that there's a little bit of sand on everything in this picture. That's Western Michigan for you. I love that.



Fishtown in Leland, MI

Fishtown is a 145-year-old fishing village in the town of Leland, MI. It's home to many quaint shops and charter fishing companies. It's also the gateway to South and North Manitou Islands. It's one of our family's must-see destinations when we're in the area. It is home to such places as The Dam Candy Store, Tug Stuff, and The Village Cheese Shanty (which also has great local wines).

On our recent trip to Northern Michigan, we stopped in Leland to do some rock hunting, and then visited Fishtown, and watched the salmon in the channel. 

According to the Fishtown Preservation Society, "Fishtown is a collection of weathered fishing shanties, smokehouses, overhanging docks, fish tugs and charter boats along the Leland River in Leland, Michigan. Once the heart of a commercial fishing village, the structures and docks are real places where people can walk through, see and feel a connection to Lake Michigan’s fishing heritage. For the past half-century it has been enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of visitors and regional residents who find the shanties, fish tugs and docks that make up the property a living legacy of our maritime culture."

I love Fishtown!

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