Caw Caw Interpretive Center - A recent visit

Probably the most difficult part of being a photographer is the editing process. It's not that I haven't been taking pictures during the last...holy cow! It's been a year and a half since I posted anything here! Wow. Slacker. But anyway, the editing process—yes, the most tedious part of photography. I just kept snapping away during the past 18 months, but didn't have the space or time to keep up with photo editing.

I have missed sharing some of my pictures. So, I would love to post more during this year, and share some of my adventures with you. We recently took a family trip to a local county park—Caw Caw Interpretive Center. It's one of my favorite places in Charleston. It's part history, part natural history, and part alligator park. On a warm day, you're pretty much guaranteed to see some big ones. It's definitely a gem here in the Lowcountry.

Many people don't like this time of year down here, but it's one of our favorites. The temperatures are cooler, and though the landscape may seem gray and bland, there is still beauty to be found if you just have the eyes to see it. The simplest thing, like a weed or a decaying leaf or even the "fungus among us," speaks to an immense beauty and reflects the intricacies of creation.

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