The curl above her ear

My little one has this adorable curl above her ear. It's always there. No matter what we do to her hair—wash it, pull it up in a ponytail, comb it—that curl is always there. Don't get me wrong, we're definitely not trying to get rid of it!! Oh never! It's just this precious little feature, that I love. Sometimes it's a ringlet, and other times it's just a curl. I know that one day, it will be gone, because her hair will be longer, or shorter, and she'll either loose the curl altogether, or whatever, but it's there now. This picture wasn't taken today, but today it's much more of a ringlet, just hanging over her ear. I really treasure that little curl, because it's on one of the most precious little heads in the whole world. I'm truly blessed!


Plump & Red

Remember the tomato farm I told you about? Here's another picture from that fun day. I'm not a fan of tomatoes (weird, I know!), but these make me want to just sink my teeth in. Don't they look good? I could have snapped pics in this greenhouse for hours! It had the perfect lighting, perfect light diffusion, and the canopy created this beautiful color.

I recently finished listening to Tomato Girl in audiobook. It's definitely not an uplifting read—very tragic and sad. I still can't decide if I enjoyed it or not. I know they'll make a movie, if one isn't already in the works. It's well-written in that you really can imagine everything the author writes about, but it's just a sad story.


Photography Equipment Review, coming soon

I'm being given the opportunity to once again review some photography equipment from CSN Stores—an online shopping source for just about anything. They have seriously ANYthing you can imagine: swing set, home decor, lighting, home improvement items, hardwood flooring, linens, and so much more.

CSN Stores are offering me a credit toward any of their photography equipment/accessories in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. I was very pleased with my first experience and L-O-V-E the camera bag I purchased! It's really amazing!

So, I'll be sure to keep you posted on this new experience with their stores, and let you know how the equipment stacks up.



This picture seems so "American" to me. Does it strike you that way? I was standing on a good ol' American farm, looking around over the rolling hills, and something just make me take this picture. The sky was so blue that day, and there was a wonderful breeze. We were in the middle of Fall. I wasn't thinking "America" when I took the shot, but now that I see it, it just strikes me that way. It transports me back to that beautiful day, and I can almost feel the breeze again.



I have a friend who is an extremely talented portrait photography, and a while back she let me tag along on an engagement photo shoot. She knows I love nature photography, and the couple wanted their photos taken on a farm, so I was all in. It was a gorgeous Fall day, with mild temperatures, and a wonderful breeze. The fun, unexpected surprise was that the groom's family has a hydroponic tomato business! So, we got the tour. The canopy over the greenhouse created the most gorgeous morning light on these little, plump beauties, so I had a blast just snapping away while my friend photographed the couple. I got plenty of fun shots of this adorable couple, too, but I was really loving the tomato plants. What can I say, I'm a nature photographer!

Now, I can't remember . . . are tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit?



I love Pyramid Point—a spectacular vista in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It's one of my favorite views along the Lake Michigan coast. The last time I was there was this past Fall (2010), and I tried to "drink it in" (as Anne would say) while I was there. The day was beautiful, and the temperatures were mild—a perfect day for nature photography. :)

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