I have a friend who is an extremely talented portrait photography, and a while back she let me tag along on an engagement photo shoot. She knows I love nature photography, and the couple wanted their photos taken on a farm, so I was all in. It was a gorgeous Fall day, with mild temperatures, and a wonderful breeze. The fun, unexpected surprise was that the groom's family has a hydroponic tomato business! So, we got the tour. The canopy over the greenhouse created the most gorgeous morning light on these little, plump beauties, so I had a blast just snapping away while my friend photographed the couple. I got plenty of fun shots of this adorable couple, too, but I was really loving the tomato plants. What can I say, I'm a nature photographer!

Now, I can't remember . . . are tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit?


Jade said...

Nature is my favorite subject to photograph as well... sometimes I like to forget my camera and just observe it without the lens. Those tomato photos are beautiful! Such vibrant greens.

Granite Dining Tables said...

Your friend is really a great photographer. These are great pictures. Love the colors, so balanced.

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