Lake Superior Rocks

This was taken in September 2004. We were taking a vacation in Northern Michigan (makes me think of the Kid Rock song . . .), and decided to take a day trip up to Whitefish Point and Tahquamenon Falls, in the Upper Peninsula. Our first stop was Whitefish Point. I was amazed at all the beautiful stones along the Lake Superior beach! There were so many amazing shapes and colors. We spent a good while just rock-hunting. The water was chilly, but once you were in it you got use to it really fast. We got right in and were just amazed at all the different, beautiful rocks. I could have spent hours there. We did tour the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum while we were there, as Whitefish Point is known as the "Graveyard of Ships." Fascinating place!

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care-in said...

I promise I'll stop commenting but I love this one too! Sorry I wasn't keeping up sooner.

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