Valentine's Day was about a month ago, now, but I've been snapping pics of the flowers my husband gave me ever since then. They stayed fresh for a long time, and I've just loved having them around. They finally started dying just this past week, and I had to take a couple more shots of them with my fancy new camera. Aren't they beautiful? Didn't he do a good job? This was actually the first year I got flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. I'm typically not the flowers/chocolates kind of girl, but he put some good thought into this one. I don't like roses. So, he got me this beautiful array of spring flowers. They were gorgeous! And, I love chocolates, but I hate those assorted chocolates that you find everywhere around V-Day. Reason? I hate nuts in my chocolate, and I don't like cherry flavoring, so I hate sorting through all the ones I don't like just to get to the ones that I do like. Sigh. I know . . . I'm picky. What can I say? I know what I like. Anyway, so my husband went to a local chocolatier and got me a whole big thing of chocolates, and ALL of them were chocolate and caramel . . . my favorite! I didn't have to pick through any of them, because they were all what I like! It was soooooo thoughtful! It was a really special, sweet Valentine's Day, and I felt so loved.

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