Fall Surf

This was taken on a beautiful Fall day at Lake Michigan. I believe we were just south of Leeland at the time, on our way to Fishtown. We stopped to do some rock hunting. I just love the deep aquas and blues of the water. When I look at this picture now, I realize that it has some of my favorite colors in it. When I took it, I wasn't thinking about that—I just loved how the surf was crashing on the shore.

Even though it's really cold most of the time (you'll only find me swimming in it when the water temp is above 70ºF), I've come to really love and appreciate Lake Michigan. It's free of sharks, and other living creatures that could kill you. That's a plus! It generates some of the most beautiful stones I've ever seen. The water is ALWAYS beautiful, even on stormy days. You never know when a piece of a famous shipwreck will wash up, as you're walking by (ok, that's not normal, but it's cool when it happens). And, I love the uniqueness of the Lake Michigan coastline in the dead of winter—the frozen, snowy parts that stick out and break up the surf. It's really an amazing body of water.

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