We love going to the zoo as a family. It's so nice to get outside, walk around, and have close encounters with exotic animals. My daughter LOVES it! She still talks about our last visit to the Louisville Zoo, which was several weeks ago.

This particular zoo is now one of our favorites. While it's not huge, they are doing an excellent job at revamping the habitats, and creating great experiences for visitors. For example, I had a fun encounter with this female orangutan. She was so fun to watch. She started out a little ways away from me, sitting against the fence. She looked like she was deep in thought. I watched.

And then it was like she had a melancholy thought, and began to contemplate it.

And then, she saw me. I believe we may have even made eye contact. So, she came over to say hello, and stuck her face right up against the glass.

And then, she began to think deep thoughts again.

And I could almost hear her start to sing, "What would I give, if I could live out of this ca-age? What would I pay to spend a day, up in a tree? Betcha in the jungle, they understand . . . that they don't cage a wild animal. Wish I could be . . . part of that wooorrrld."

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Michelle said...

L.O.L. Oh my goodness. Silly creature!

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