Memory Lane

Just added some new pictures and sizes/formats to my photography store yesterday. I'll be adding even more today! Check them out at http://lesliepaladinophoto.storenvy.com!

I'm also working on catching up with my photo editing--that's a big job! I always shoot in RAW format, so there's always editing and converting to be done. Shooting in RAW gives me exceptional flexibility with the image, and that's why I love it.

Currently, I'm working on editing our family pictures from Labor Day weekend 2011. Yep--I'm a wee bit backlogged. :( But, it's so fun to go back through all those pictures and stroll down memory lane. At the time, my son was only three months old and we were camping at Virginia Beach! He's now 18 months, so it's crazy to look back and see how tiny he was.

I already posted a couple of images from that trip, so here's just a reminder so that you can journey down memory lane with me.

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