Grandma & Grandpa's place

My roots are in Central Illinois farming country. I'm a Midwestern girl at heart. It might seem funny that this is one of my favorite places to return to, but it is. I've lived in several different places, and visited many beautiful areas, but despite some of the heavy industrial areas, I find great peace in the Heartland. Rural farming communities hold a lot of charm for me. My family moved from the area many, many years ago, and I've since grown up, married, and moved to the Great North. But my Grandparents are still there, so we return a few times every year for visits. I love it when we go back. It's so nostalgic for me. I remember their house and the surrounding areas in some of my earliest memories. The house they built when I was just a little girl is still the house they live in today. As they age, it makes me sad to think of a day when I won't be able to return to this peaceful place. It's been a part of my life, well . . . forever!

The rowboat Grandma & Grandpa have had for many years. They keep it on the dock they built themselves.

Took these (above & below) on a tour of Grandma's flower beds.

Grandma's hibiscuses are always HUGE! They're beautiful!

My Grandma knows how to catch fish. She's taught many of her grandchildren. 

When I go back, though, I'm flooded with memories of learning to fish with Grandma, trips into the lake in the rowboat, feeding the fish from the dock, taking a tour of their gardens, and lounging around in the house and looking at old pictures and doing crossword puzzles. We usually make at least one trip "into town" while we're there to grab a quick bite at McDonald's and run some errands. And on Sunday, after church, Grandpa usually takes us on a drive through the local farming community so he can point out all the new houses going up, and all the changes since the last time we were there.

Cone flowers Grandma planted on the embankment by the lake.

I love this place, and I'm looking forward to the next visit.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this place is a very special place-the love there makes it that way. I, too, have many percious memories of these two wonderful people. My Grandad and Grandma also made a great impact on my life. The treasures these generations have left us are most valuable.


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