Rocky Mountain National Park 2006

My husband and I vacationed in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2006, and had a wonderful time! We did a lot of hiking, and a lot of picture-taking. The Rockies have such majesty about them, and I constantly find myself in awe at their beauty. It's one of my favorite places.

We hiked the Nymph (above), Dream, and Emerald Lake trails during one of our days in the park. That same day we tackled the Lake Haiyaha trail, too, which was one of our favorite hikes while we were there. While there were a lot of people on the Nymph/Dream/Emerald Lake trails, you lost a lot of people on the Lake Haiyaha trail due to the rapid increase in altitude. It was much more secluded and the lake was by far the most beautiful of the four. I've included one of the Lake Haiyaha pictures at the end.

A view from Trail Ridge Road

Emerald Lake

The trails around Emerald Lake

The trails around Emerald Lake

Lake Haiyaha
This lake was the most beautiful aqua color, and so clear you could see straight to the bottom. It was surrounded by huge boulders, too.


allison said...

I cannot believe your just revealing such amazing talent. The pictures of the park are phenomenal. (I hope I spelled that right)

jane said...

postcard pics!

Sara Luke said...

These are amazing photos!

Robert J Miller said...

Awesome pics. I have been to Dream, Nymph, and Emerald lakes but now I need to go to Lake Haiyaha!

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