Fall Colors 2004

My favorite season to photograph is Fall (as I'm sure you'll soon discover). The colors are amazing, and the trees seem to be on fire. It takes my breath away! These pictures were taken at a county park near our apartment in West Michigan. The Grand River runs beside it, and the park makes for wonderful Fall pictures.

This particular tree (above) just seemed to be on fire. With the sun setting, the light was hitting it just right, and making it "pop"! I couldn't help snapping the shot. It make me think of the burning bush.

This is one of my favorite Fall shots. Capturing the details of this leaf's veins was exciting! It was so brilliantly lit up by the sun, which showed off all the detail. It was fun to sit and just take it in.


jane said...

I love trees too! I'm glad to find you here.

allison said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I love photography. You are doing a fantastic job - really!!

care-in said...

Wow! These pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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