Grizzlies at the Zoo

Part of the reason I like photography is because it's fun. I'm not always worried about getting the perfect, best-quality shot. I wouldn't normally pick the local zoo as the place to find the perfect shot, either. I go there to have fun and to enjoy seeing the animals. Sometimes I take my camera just to see what I can capture.

On this particular day, the Grizzlies were very fun to watch. It was like watching a comedy, they were doing so many cute and fun things. Their habitat is less than desirable, but our local zoo has limited resources, and they work with what they've got. Despite the grim surroundings, these bears were taking swims and relaxing. It was fun to watch.

Fun in the pool

It's almost like he's waving to me.

This was a humorous sequence of events . . . the male was using the female as a lounge chair. He just leaned himself back and you can almost hear him saying, "Could you pass the remote?"

Sometimes, you just gotta stretch! At one point, he had book legs stretched up like this, at the same time. The female just doesn't seem to care.

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