Camera fund!

My sweet husband has started a new camera fund for me! Isn't he wonderful? We're saving up for the next step in my camera evolution. I've been working with a DSLR-ish Fujifilm camera for quite a while, but have been salivating . . . err . . . I mean, uh, dreaming of the next step toward my dream camera. I'm looking at Nikons and Canons, but am open to other brands. I'd love to hear what you all use or recommend. I am definitely going to want something with a telephoto lens and possibly a macro lens (if the camera itself doesn't have a great macro setting), and OODLES of megapixels! :o)

What are your suggestions or tips? Since I'm such a bargain shopper, I'd be interested in how to do all of this as cheaply as possible, too!

I'm so excited! I'll keep you all posted.

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