Our ducky friends

We were extremely surprised to look out our sliding patio door last week and see mallard ducks under our bird feeder! We live near some little water ways, but don't ever have ducks up near our apartment. They must have heard that we put out the good stuff. *smile* It was an overcast/rainy day, and I promise I didn't adjust the color of these pictures. The grass really looked that green. I actually had to burn the edges on a couple of these to tone it down.

It was all-too-sweet, because the male kept watch while the female ate. He was taking care of her! He was making sure she got them meal she needed to take care of their little ones. Not once did he eat. He just kept a watchful eye.

At one point, something caught both their attentions, and they stopped to check it out. I liked how their heads were cocked in the same direction. Aren't they pretty?

Can you see the rain droplets on his feathers?

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