Giant Northern White Cedar

This is (I believe) a Giant Northern White Cedar, near the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northern Michigan. It's massive! I can't find any information on this particular tree, even though there's a big sign in front of it that talks about it. Maybe I should have taken a picture of the sign, too? Regardless, this was a grand tree! The swoops of it's large branches remind me of an elephant trunk.

There is a stand of these giants on South Manitou Island, and it is said that these cedars are twice as big as your average White Cedar. During this vacation (when this picture was taken), we tried to take the boat out to South Manitou so we could hike around the island and hopefully see this beautiful stand of old trees, but the weather made the lake really choppy and they canceled all day-trips. Boo! One day, I can't wait to get out there and do some good exploring.

P.S.—[2/12/10] I just had a family member send me a picture of the sign that's in front of this tree. Thanks, Mary Lou! Here's her picture of the sign, complete with all the fun facts about this tree.

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