Porch of Woodford Reserve

My family (13-month-old in-tow) and I recently made our first pilgrimage to Woodford Reserve distillery in Versailles, KY. For you Northerners, that's pronounced Ver-say-allz (not the traditional French pronunciation). This is only the second Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey distillery I've been to, but this was my favorite of the two. We walked in after a nice hike at a local natural area, and the folks there treated us like royalty! Apparently, we had just missed the last tour of the day, and they wanted us to have as much of the full experience as we could anyway. One very nice gentleman took us on a "porch tour" where he pointed out all the various points of interest from the front porch. He then escorted us inside to our very own personal viewing of the Woodford story on DVD. After that, he walked us straight to the tasting bar, where he guessed that we were from Colorado. No, but thank you! We were genuinely flattered. Then they made sure that we knew we were welcome to look around. Very nice! The bourbon was really good, too. We're definitely going back there. Nice atmosphere, and nice folks. Maybe next time we'll take the real tour, or sit in a rocker on the front porch and sip some bourbon.

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