Holy cow! It's almost July! This year is flying by!

So, our hostas are about the ONLY thing thriving in our garden right now. This one is my favorite. It's called "guacamole." The color is really fun, and the leaves are nice and big. It had rained a bit before I took this picture. You can see some of it still on the leaves. I love the way the hosta's new leaves unfurl from the middle. It just doesn't seem like I can kill a hosta. Maybe that's why I like it so much!


Nikki said...

ooo Beautiful!!! Love that color green. Stopping by from Friend Fridays!

Nikki said...

ooops i hit the submit button too early sorry! I just wanted to also say that its so cool in the leaves how the ridges go, they almost look like rivers on the earth, if you were to look at a big topography map. Anyways Love your photo again! :)

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