Purple Hydrangea

We have not had any luck with our garden this year. I just don't have a green thumb! All our petunias were eaten by chipmunks or rabbits, and our marigolds were probably eaten by the chipmunks. Those little stinkers!! Our hostas look great, and the begonias have been left alone. But, there's this huge gap between the begonias and hostas. Ugh!

But, our neighbor's garden looks gorgeous! I'm so jealous. She and her husband live across the courtyard from us, and have this beautifully lush garden. So, I had to just wander over there the other day and ask if I could snap some photos. She was so nice to let me! The photo above is a close-up of one of her beautiful purple hydrangeas. Gorgeous! I took this in the early evening, so the lighting was nice and soft.

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