What once was . . .

I'm sick this morning! Sick over what's happening in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! No, I'm not going all political on you—I'm just sad. It's one of my favorite places on earth (not that I've explored much of the Earth), and now it's being destroyed. I almost can't watch the footage on TV. I get emotional. My heart breaks to see such beauty taken over by such ugliness. My heart breaks when I hear about all the wildlife that is trying to escape, that can't. My heart breaks when I watch MY beaches defaced. The Florabama coastline is my "other home." My heart is breaking this morning!

I pray and hope that one day, it will all be fresh again—untainted by this man-made disaster. Maybe I have lofty hopes, but I can't help but pray that I'll be able to look at it again one day, and see the landscape that I love . . .

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