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A few weeks ago, CSN Stores offered me the opportunity to review one of their camera bags from Luggage.com. I was so excited, because I haven't had a "proper"  bag for my new Nikon D90 and lenses. I desperately needed something adequate for travel—not necessarily for daily use. But, we've been on the road a number of times in the next few months, and I haven't had a good bag that would protect my camera well.

I chose to review the Naneu Correspondent Series C-700 Small Shoulder Bag in Black:

This is definitely a hefty bag! I really do like it! It's perfect for travel, and for times when I just want that extra protection for "my baby." :o) And, while the description says that it's a "small" shoulder bag, I would say that it's fairly large—not huge, just big. The dimensions are 10" H x 13.25" W x 8.5" D. It would be a really nice bag for a portrait photographer who wants to keep all their gear in the same bag, but needs something portable for photo shoots. Since I am more of a nature photographer who wants her camera at the ready, I probably would not use this bag for hiking out in the woods. I think it's a bit bulky for that.

However, the bag's construction is durable and offers great protection for your camera! I have no problem tossing this bag in the car for a long road trip, and have every confidence that my camera will be protected and safe. It's a really nice bag!

One of the neat-o features it offers is the ability to change the interior divider configuration. I like this! I was able to make the interior fit my needs. While it has ample room for up to four lenses (or three lenses and a flash, as seen in the picture), I have a ways to go before I fill it up. I only have two lenses, and no external flash, yet. But, I appreciate that fact that I can definitely grow into this bag.

Another simple, but nice feature of this bag is the quick-release buckle that connects with an elastic band in the handle to hold the top open. So handy! And while it is somewhat hefty, the bag weighs less than two pounds, so it doesn't had a ton of extra weight to what you're carrying. There are also a lot of great little storage options, so that you can store your memory cards, extra cables, remotes, etc.

While I haven't put this bag through its paces, yet, I look forward to it. I have no doubt it will stand up to the challenge. I have full confidence that it will be protecting my camera and gear for many, many years. For under $80, the Naneu Correspondent Series C-700 Small Shoulder Bag is a great value for the price! Plus, Luggage.com offers fast, FREE shipping.

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