Cumberland Falls

I finally made it to the woods! This summer has been so hot and buggy, that it's made it nearly impossible to want to be outside. So, I haven't wanted to venture out on the trail, even though I've desperately wanted to!

Well, a couple of weekends ago, I got my chance. The weather was perfect—highs in the mid-70's, 0% humidity, and breezy. Now, that's my kind of weather! So, we made it a goal to get out in the woods, and traveled about an hour and a half to Cumberland Falls State Park. We packed our lunches in the daypack, grabbed our trekking poles, and hit the Eagle Falls Trail. Since we had our daughter with us (21-months, today), we didn't want to take on more than we could handle, so we thought the 1.5 mile trail would be perfect. It would give us the chance to see both Cumberland and Eagle Falls, and allow us to be in the woods.

The trail was gorgeous, mostly shaded, and all-around wonderful! But, don't let that meager 1.5 miles fool you. This isn't just a piece-of-cake hike. Parts of this trail are described as "very rugged." But, it's so worth it! It offers an up-close look at Eagle Falls, and some of the best views of Cumberland Falls (see above). It's truly a beautiful trail. And, it satisfied my craving to be "in the woods." We were exhausted by the time we were done, but so happy, too. Now, I'm just hankering for the next trip . . .

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