The end

Liriope spicata
(commonly called "monkey grass")

This is one of the last pictures I snapped around our apartment, before we moved. These grasses were planted in a little courtyard plot, right near our front door. They were just green for quite some time, and then they bloomed. I love the simple purple blooms. These poor plants suffered much abuse from cigarette hurling neighbors and dogs that left their "mark" on them. But, I always thought they were pretty, just the same. 

Now, we're homeowners! And we're loving it! While our house is old and has its quirks, it's all ours, and we were so ready! No more loud neighbors, or dog poo to deal with. Ahhhh. We couldn't be happier about it. Now, I just have to get the rest of our stuff unpacked and catch up on my photos. :o)

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